Adoption fee: $250

Gideon is a 3.5 year old black and tan male Doberman with cropped ears and a docked tail, though only one ear stands. He is up to date on vaccinations, is negative for intestinal parasites, though positive for Heartworms. He will be treated for his heartworms, neutered and microchipped prior to adoption.

Gideon came from a horrible situation. He was confiscated by animal control after his owner was jailed for multiple crimes, including but far from limited to drug trafficking. He and a number of other dogs were left in the home after the arrest, and Gideon was lucky to get out when he did. He spent almost all of his time crated and outdoors in a pen, which is absolute torture for a Doberman bred to be with his family. Despite his rough start, he is a wonderful and loving boy. When he first meets new people, he is a little bit aloof, watching to see if they’re okay. Give him a couple minutes though and he’ll make his way over for tons of pets and leans. He is a super smart boy and a very fast learner. He has already learned to sit, and is working on lay down. He’s strong and needs work on his leash manners, but once the excitement is over from being outside an adventure, he hangs close by to his people.

Velcro dog is an understatement for Gideon. he wants to be with his people as much as humanly possible and if he feels you’re not giving him enough attention, he’ll jump up to get more. For this reason, homes with small kids that he can knock over will not be permitted to adopt him. Older children and teenagers would do fine as he just doesn’t know his size. All children must have prior dog experience. We do not know how Gideon would do with cats, and he will absolutely not be homed with any male dogs. Female dogs are fine.

If you are interested in adding Gideon to your family, please contact us at for an application.