Adoption fee: $250

Moose is a 4 year old, red and rust, cropped and docked male Doberman. He is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, negative for intestinal parasites, but positive for heart worms. He will be treated for heart worms before he is adopted.

Spartanburg Animal Shelter in South Carolina reached out to us about Moose. As we read through the email and scrolled through the photos, we saw the first picture was a handsome docked and cropped red boy. We scrolled down a little further and got to the picture of Moose’s back. First things first, Moose is NOT in any pain. These are old scars and it’s doubtful any hair will grow back. We don’t know exactly what happened, but one possibility is a bad reaction to topical flea medications. We will likely never know what happened, but we knew we had to help him.

Despite his scars, Moose is a wonderful and loving Dober-boy. All he wants is to put his head in your lap and be loved on and rubbed. He is a very strong willed boy and absolutely needs a leader. If he is not given direction, he will take over as the alpha dog and be difficult to control and train. Doberman experience is an absolute must. He has been around kids, cats and other dogs and has done fine with everyone. Due to his clear dominance however, he will not be homed with another male dog. He knows how to sit and lay down, but he pulls pretty hard on a leash and needs some work there. He also will absolutely not go into a crate. So far he has not proven to be destructive outside of destroying toys. He is absolutely in love with his new Zebra toy and plays and naps with it all day long.

If you are interested in adopting Moose, please complete an application and email it to us at