Quick Stats:

Age:  7 years
Color:  Black
Gender:  Female
Manners:  Excellent
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Energy Level:  Medium
Fence:  Required

Gets Along With:

✓ Cats
X Children
X Female Dogs
X Male Dogs
✓ Men
✓ Women



Adoption fee: $200

Physical appearance: Riley is an 8-year-old, black and tan female Doberman with natural ears and a docked tail.  She’s average size for a female weighing 65lbs.

Personality: Riley is a sweetheart with a smile that melts even the coldest hearts.  She is goofy, playful, and loving. Riley had an injury to one of her back legs when she was younger, and it never healed correctly.  While it doesn’t slow her down much, it can cause her some pain and discomfort and she’ll take a bit more time to do things like potty, lay down and get up.  She can also be a bit defensive over being touched around the area, so no homes with small kids will be considered. She has also become possessive over toys with her foster siblings, so no other dogs.  She seems to have a prey drive, so no cats either.  Riley just needs a calm, cuddly home as an only pet with no kids. Snuggling is her favorite and she will come up and put her chin on your leg to get petted. This usually leads to her climbing into your lap, but sometimes she gets stuck because of her rear leg and needs help. Because she can be defensive over her leg, the best way to help her up is to pick yout knee up after she gets her body on your knee, which helps her enough to make it all the way. If you try and help her another way she may growl defensively. She will stay in your lap and change position several times until she wants to get down.

Why she’s in rescue: Riley was dumped in the shelter when her former owner lost his job and had to move in with a family member.  The family remember refused to have her in the home and made him get rid of her.

Manners and training: Riley is well behaved, potty trained, and crate trained.  She knows how to sit and lay down but laying down does take some effort because of her leg. While she’s not destructive, she is a barker, so no apartments.  She’s alert and will make sure you know everything and anything that is going on outside.

Vetting: All our dogs are brought up to date on rabies, Bordetella, and combo, negative for intestinal parasites and heartworms, neutered and microchipped before adoption. Riley’s leg does not require any medication or future vet care, but it is recommended you give her Dasuquin to help with her bones.  This can be purchased at just about any pet store.