Quick Stats:

Age:  7 years
Color:  Black
Gender:  Female
Manners:  Need work
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Energy Level:  High
Fence:  Required

Gets Along With:

X Cats
✓ Children
X Female Dogs
X Male Dogs
✓ Men
✓ Women



Adoption fee: $175

Physical appearance: Tessa’s birthday is 5/10/14.  She’s a black and tan girl with natural ears and a docked tail.  Weighing in at 75lbs, she’s a bit big for a female.

Personality: This girl is incredibly sweet and loving, but she will test your patience and resolve whenever given the chance.  Tessa is an adorable girl and super velcro.  She loves to be with her people and to cuddle on the couch.  That kind of love is reserved for humans though as Tessa does not get along with other dogs at all and needs to be an only dog.  She is very dominant and also has a bit of a prey drive so small animals and cats are also a no.  She is happiest in a home where she gets all of your attention. As sweet as she is, she is also incredibly stubborn and pushy.  If Tessa thinks she can get away with something, she will try.  This means barking to get your attention, dragging you down the street, and generally acting like a fool.  She needs a strong owner, both mentally and physically to keep her in line and make her the incredible companion she can be given the chance.  Tessa needs a home with Doberman experience and someone who is willing to work with and train her.  Don’t let her age fool you either.  She’s 7 years old and has a ton of energy!  A big yard where she can run and play is going to be a must.  She does well with kids, but we would suggest at least 8 and up just because of her exuberance.

Why she’s in rescue: Her family had a baby and no longer had time for her, so a good Samaritan took her in to try and find her a home.  

Manners and training: Tessa knows how to sit, stay and come when called.  She desperately needs work on her leash manners and if she isn’t under control when out for a walk, she will bark at every dog she sees.  Her new family cannot let her get away with this behavior.  She is crate trained, but she doesn’t like to be in there so she’ll cry for attention in hopes your will isn’t as strong as hers and you’ll come back and let her out.  Do not give in.  She needs work and is not for someone who wants a lazy dog that will require no training.

Vetting: All of our dogs are brought up to date on rabies, Bordetella, and combo, negative for intestinal parasites and heartworms, spayed and microchipped before adoption.