Quick Stats:

Age:  15 months
Color:  Red
Gender:  Male
Manners:  In Progress
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Energy Level:  Medium
Fence:  Required

Gets Along With:

✓ Cats
X Children
✓ Female Dogs
X Male Dogs
✓ Men
✓ Women



Adoption fee: $375

Adoption fee: $375

Physical appearance: Tzar is a 15 month red and rust male Doberman.  He has a docked tail and natural ears. Weighing in at 66lbs he’s on the smaller side of male Dobermans.

Personality: Tzar is a sweet dog that wants all the affection you’re willing to give.  He’s a leaner and truly is a people-oriented dog.  So much so that he may be a little overprotective of his family, and his new adopters will need to make sure to be in charge and lead Tzar so he shows good judgement in who is a potential threat and who is not.  He has not shown any food aggression or resource guarding and looks to his people for guidance.  he’s a super smart boy and a fast learner.  Tzar would enjoy a dog sport where he could bond even more with his people.

Why he’s in rescue: Tzar was brought into a local Atlanta shelter after he had 2 small bite incidents involving children.  Neither bite needed medical attention and appears to be more due to excitement than aggression, however because we do not know the full circumstances, we will not be adopting Tzar to a home with kids that are younger than 15.

Manners and training: Tzar knows how to sit and will give his paw for a treat.  He is a fast learner and really wants to please.  Going through some basic training classes will make Tzar a happy dog and give him some new tricks to make his family happy.  Dobermans love to learn, and Tzar is no exception.  He is good with female dogs and previously lived in a home with smaller dogs.  We do not know how he is good with cats, and due to his incident with 2 children, he will not be homed with kids under 15.  He also will not be considered for a home with male dogs due to the higher chances of same sex aggression in males.  He is crate trained, potty trained, and is working on some leash manners.

Vetting: All of our dogs are brought up to date on rabies, Bordetella, and combo, negative for intestinal parasites and heartworms, neutered and microchipped before adoption.  Tzar tested positive for heartworms and will need to complete treatment before he can go to his new home.