What is Fostering?

The short answer is that fostering a dog is when you give a dog in need a temporary home while we look for it’s forever home. The reality is that it’s so much more than that. Fosters are the core of rescue and we could not save a single dog without them. They take in a dog that has lost it’s family, it’s hope, it’s everything, and they show it love, kindness and help it heal. Fosters take care of dogs that may fall ill and help us get them ready for adoption. A dog in foster learns house manners and how to be a member of the family much better than one in a kennel environment. They also experience far less stress. The rescue pays for any required vetting, fosters are asked only to pay for food, however in some circumstances, the rescue may be able to supply food as well.

Interested in Fostering? Download an application or contact a foster coordinator!

The Benefits of Fostering

Give and Receive

Give a doberman in need a place to stay while we find it’s forever home. He gets a warm bed, full stomach, and roof over his head and you get to a ton of Dobie love.Learn More

Learn About the Breed

Never had a Doberman before but you’re thinking of getting one? Fostering gets you around the breed to see if they are the perfect breed for you. Learn More

Temporary Playmate

Fosters love to play with the resident dogs and can provide them with plenty of mental stimulation and exercise.Learn More

Save a Doberman's Life

Without fosters, we can’t rescue dogs. Every foster directly saves the life of a Doberman in need as most often, they come from high-kill shelters.Learn More

Foster Approval Process

      • Application:
        Fill out an application and email it to foster@georgiadobermanrescue.com. One of our foster coordinators will review your application and contact you with any questions.
      • Vet Check: We call your vet to make sure that all your pets are caught up on their shots and altered. This is for both the safety of your dogs and the foster dog. Many dogs come in unaltered and will be spayed or neutered after arrival in the foster home. The same goes for vaccinations, so we want to be sure that your dogs can’t catch anything from the foster and vice versa.
      • Home Visit: One of our volunteers will come out and do a home visit. The purpose of the visit is both to make sure that your home is secure and safe for the foster dog, as well as to get to know you, your family and any other animals you may have so we can be sure to place a dog that fits in.
      • Once the above is competed, we will contact you as soon as a Doberman that fits is in need of rescue.

Download a Foster Application

Please complete this application in it’s entirety and email it to foster@georgiadobermanrescue.com. If you have any questions about the application, or fostering, please also use that address to contact one of our foster coordinators.