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Fosters are the backbone of our rescue. Without them, we cannot rescue any dogs. Can you give a rescue dog a safe and loving place to stay while we find it's forever home?
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Looking to make a Doberman a part of your family? We have several Dobermans looking for their forever homes. Our adoption process helps us match the right Doberman with the right home so they will never behomeless or abandoned again.


Want to help a Doberman in need but can’t adopt? Never had a Doberman before but you’ve read all about them? Fostering is a great way to be around or get to know the breed, and you help save the life of a Doberman in need.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that runs completely on the donations of kind Doberman lovers like you.  All donations go towards the cost of vetting and caring for our rescues.

Help us Save More Dobermans.

Georgia Doberman Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All donations made to GDR go toward the vetting, care and rehabilitating of the Dobermans in our program.
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Featured Doberman


Looking for a Doberman that has a ton of love to give?  Look no further than Nino.  He absolutely adores his people and wants to go everywhere with them whenever possible.  He doesn’t even like to potty outside unless someone in his family is out there with him.  To Nino, age is just a number and at 10-years-old he’s happy to go for runs and long walks with his family.  If you’re willing to look past that number and see Nino for the loving and wonderful guy he is, he’ll be happy to show you true devotion for the rest of his life.

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