Quick Stats:

Age:  4 years
Color:  Black
Gender:  Male
Manners:  Very Good
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Energy Level:  Medium
Fence:  Required

Gets Along With:

X Cats
X Children
✓ Female Dogs
X Male Dogs
✓ Men
✓ Women



Adoption fee: $300

DISCLSIMER: Sam is a true working Doberman. He has natural protection instincts that the average family cannot handle. He will only be adopted to a home that intends to seriously train and work him, and will absolutely not be homed with any children under the age of 15.

Physical appearance: Sam is an all-natural, black and tan, male Doberman that is about 4 years old. He is average size for a male Doberman with a weight of 71lbs.

Personality: Sam is a wonderful dog with a sweet and playful personality with his family.  He is BFFs with his foster sister and they hang out together and play all the time. While his natural ears and tail make him absolutely adorable looking, he is also an intense watch dog and protector. He is very protective of his foster mom which has led to an incident where he nipped a guest.  He is not a dog you can expect to be social. if you have people in and out of your house all the time, he is not the dog for you. He is a true Doberman and is not what you commonly find in a rescue dog.  He is fearless, intense, and alert but he is not aggressive.  He needs an experienced owner that knows how to train and lead him and will not leave him to his own devices. He does well with both men and women once he gets to know them, but initially is extra wary of men. he needs a proper introduction and for his owner to show him that they are okay. He will not be adopted to a home with any male dogs, but females are fine. He will also not be adopted to a home with small children. We will require all kids to be over 15 years old.

Why he’s in rescue: Sam has an unusual rescue story. A friend of the rescue was working in Qatar where Dobermans are illegal.  Despite them being illegal, many of the wealthier residents import them anyways. They usually import them from Serbia and get them based on the idea of a Doberman, leaving them as decorations or using them as guard dogs as opposed to pets.  Sam’s owner no longer wanted him and he was abandoned at a kennel. Our friend contacted us asking if we would take him if she brought him back with her. If we didn’t, he’d likely be euthanized or abandoned in the desert unfortunately common for unwanted dogs). We couldn’t say no.

Manners and training: Sam is crate trained, potty trained, and does pretty well on a leash.  He is a fast learner and would excel at any sort of training or sport you wanted to do with him, especially obedience or schutzhund/bite work.  If you’ve wanted a dog you can do sports with, this is the dog for you. He is not suitable as a couch potato, and we will require his adopter to be registered for training classes before he can be adopted. He is currently working with a trainer in Lawrenceville that specializes in working dogs and absolutely adores him. We have had an evaluation done by her that we are happy to share with prospective adopters. if possible, we would love to see him continue his training with her.

Vetting: All our dogs are brought up to date on rabies, Bordetella, and combo, negative for intestinal parasites and heartworms, neutered and microchipped before adoption.