Our Mission

Georgia Doberman Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit, volunteer organization, dedicated to rescuing and re-homing abandoned or homeless Doberman Pinschers from shelters or owners who have surrendered them. By working with volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians and trainers, we are able to place these dogs in loving temporary homes for assessment and rehabilitation, and then into carefully screened forever homes. We are an educational resource for the Doberman owner, and provide information on responsible pet ownership, good nutrition, positive behavioral training and the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

GDR Follows the DPCA Code of Ethics

Georgia Doberman Rescue follows the Doberman Pinscher Club of America’s Rescue Code of Ethics. These were set in place by the DPCA Rescue Committee to help protect both the breed and the people that have come to love them.

Our BOD and Volunteers

GDR is run by an incredible group of volunteers that donate their time and resources to our beloved breed in need.  We are incredibly fortunate to have volunteers with a variety of talents and skills in a number of positions.

Financial Information

GDR is financially supported through donations, fundraisers and our adoption fees.  We believe in full transparency and want to make sure that our donors are confident that their money is going to the dogs.  While there are additional costs associated with running the rescue such as fees for items such as shelter and business licenses, and administrative supplies, none of the money taken into rescue goes anywhere other than to the rescue and the dogs.  If you are interested in the financial details of the rescue, our annual tax returns are provided below.  If you have any further inquiries about the rescues finances, please feel free to contact us.

Tax Return Year:  Tax returns coming soon

Additional Policies


GDR is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Georgia.


Our rescue is run off of donations received through adoptions, individual donations, and fundraising. We do ask for adoption fees when rehoming our dogs to help us cover the cost of medical bills for current and future Dobermans we rescue. Adoption fees often do not cover the full cost of veterinary care for rescues as many of our Dobermans come in with far less than good health. For this reason, and to be able to provide our Dobermans with the best care possible, we do a number of fundraisers through the year as well as accept donations.

Georgia Doberman Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are completely tax deductible.

None of our board members take a salary, and all money that goes into the rescue is used for the rescue.

Living Conditions

GDR Dobermans are housed in foster homes throughout Georgia, but mainly around the Metro-Atlanta area. We feel the safest and healthiest environment for a dog to be in is a home. This also allows us ample time to address behavioral issues that a dog may have as often times, the dogs we rescue spent their lives outside. This helps us to adopt out well mannered, housebroken dogs to their new families to help make the transition to their new home go smoother.

We do not board dogs. The only occasions we board dogs are when it is required for veterinary care. We do not feel that boarding is the best situation for a Doberman, and it does not allow us to get to know the dog as well as we feel we need to in order to place it with the best home. Boarding is also very expensive and can cost a rescue a lot of money that could be used in better ways.

Adoption Policy

We thoroughly review potential new families with a multi-layered process that is explained in detail on our adopt page. We make sure that the new families can properly take care of a Doberman and should anything happen, that the Doberman comes back to us. A Doberman that comes into GDR has us behind them for life, as does their adoptive family.

Veterinary Care

We provide all required medical care for the Dobermans in our rescue. The minimum of which includes:

  • Vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella)
  • Spay/Neuter or if under 6 months, a spay/neuter contract
  • Fecal exam and deworming if necessary
  • Heartworm test and heart worm treatment if necessary
  • Microchip
  • Blood Panels on Dobermans estimated to be over 6 years or in poor health
  • Surgeries, skin scrapes, etc. as required


At GDR we do all we can to avoid euthanasia. We explore all of our options, and only euthanize in situations where there are no other options, and when it is whats best for the dog.   When this is the case, it is always done medically and is humanely performed by a licensed Veterinarian.