Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost me to foster?
The rescue pays for all medical costs including flea and tick and heartworm medications.  We will also supply a collar and leash if needed.  We only ask foster homes to pay for food and treats for our dogs, but we can supply that as well in some situations, especially if the food required is a specialty diet.

What if the foster dog doesn’t get along with the other animals or people in my home?
If for any reason the foster dog needs to be relocated, we will make arrangements to do so.  We do ask for as much notice as possible as it’s rare we have any foster homes open.  For correctable issues such as house training, basic manners, and obedience training, we ask that you work with the dog and will provide guidance and advice on seeing them through.  Part of fostering is helping a dog that may have had a hard life previously adapt to living in a home to prepare it for it’s new family.

Where do I have to live to foster?
Part of our foster approval process is a home visit done by one of our more experienced volunteers so we can provide tips and guidance in bringing home your first foster dog, so we require our fosters to live in Alabama, Georgia or South Carolina.  This is required by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, so it’s something we unfortunately do not have much flexibility on.

What if I want to adopt my foster dog?
Fosters are hard to come by, so we do not typically allow our fosters to adopt their first dog.  Saying goodbye to your first foster is always hard as they become such a part of your family and heart, however letting them go opens up the chance for us to save another doberman in need.  If you know you are interested in adopting a Doberman from us then you start fostering, please let us know and we can make special arrangements.

I don’t have a fence or I live in an apartment or condo.  Can I still foster?
Yes.  We take our foster situations on a case-by-case basis and while this will limit you on the dogs you can foster, we do recognize that there are some dogs that will do fine in an apartment situation, such as senior Dobermans.  We will typically not place a young or energetic dog in an apartment, condo or home without a fence.

Can I foster if I have kids?
Yes, however we will only place a dog in your home that we know for sure is good with children, such as an owner surrender that came from a home with kids.

How long will the foster dog be with me?
It is rare that we will know a time frame for how long a dog will be with a foster.  We require all of our dogs be in foster for at least 2 weeks so we can assess their personality and know of any quirks or situational needs.  Some dogs get adopted quickly, others spend longer in rescue.  We ask that fosters be prepared to have a dog with them for at least a couple of months.