Quick Stats:

Age:  3 years
Color:  Black
Gender:  Male
Manners:  Excellent
Crate Trained: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Energy Level:  Medium
Fence:  Required

Gets Along With:

X Cats
✓ Children
✓ Female Dogs
X Male Dogs
✓ Men
✓ Women



Adoption fee: $350

Physical appearance:  Zeus is a 3-year-old male Doberman with cropped ears and a docked tail.  He is on the larger side for a male weighing about 110lbs.

Personality:  Zeus is a big, sweet goofball. You’re his best friend as soon as he meets you and he’ll start leaning on you right away. He is very much an inside dog and prefers the AC to the outdoors, but if you’re with him, or if there’s a small critter to chase, he’ll enjoy some outside time. He’ll keep your yard free of squirrels and while he won’t jump a fence, if you’re not careful, he could dig out so he needs to be supervised in his time outside. He’s good with female dogs, but absolutely no males. He’s good with older kids but too rough for smaller kids and will accidentally knock them over. No cats or small animals like rabbits either since his prey drive is so high. When he was a puppy he didn’t have a great experience with a swimming pool, so now if he sees someone get in the pool, he’ll bark for them to get out to safety.

Why he’s in rescue:  Unfortunately, Zeus has shown both same sex aggression and littermate syndrome towards his brother. The two have to be completely separated or they’ll fight constantly. Zeus’ family realized that while they could manage keeping them separate, it wasn’t fair to either boy to live their lives that way. Zeus will not be rehired with any male dogs under any circumstances.

Manners and Training: Zeus knows how to sit, wait and stay. He is trained to walk on a head halter, but will pull a bit on a collar. He’s also crate trained and will hang out In his crate quietly unless he has to go out to potty. He’s a fast learner and will do well in a home that likes to train. He has excellent house manners and is potty trained, does not beg, and does not counter surf.

Vetting: All our dogs are brought up to date on rabies, Bordetella, and combo, negative for intestinal parasites and heartworms, neutered and microchipped before adoption.