#1 Patience

We know that you fell in love with the picture of the dog that you want. And that you just can’t wait to meet him or her and bring them home. But most rescues, including Georgia Doberman Rescue, are operated by volunteers. We keep full-time jobs, sometimes more than one job because we spend so much of our own money on helping as many dogs as we can. We have families and other commitments. All this is to say that rescuers are people. Please be patient with us as we try to take care of rescue related inquiries, return emails, return phone calls, and handle paperwork and such during our lunch breaks, during our family dinners, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

#2 Honesty

You just read through a 4 page application and you think, “you have got to be kidding me, it’s just a dog!”
Well to us, it is not just a dog. This dog that you are interested in has perhaps endured abuse, neglect, starvation, abandonment, in difference, forced breeding, or who-knows-what-else. We are trying to place the right dog in the right situation so that he or she will never have to be in rescue again. We ask the questions we ask to get as accurate a sense of your personal situation as possible. Please do not just tell us what you think we want to hear. If you are not honest with us we cannot find the best possible dog to fit your family and lifestyle. All too often this results in the dog being returned to us or to the county shelter because “it just didn’t work out” through no fault of the dog’s.

#3 Know Your Breed

Dobermans are AWESOME! They are beautiful creatures to be sure. But they are not for everyone. These are not vanity dogs; they are not just a pretty face; they are not meant to be intimidating yard dogs. Dobermans are working dogs; they must be mentally stimulated throughout the day or they can get themselves into trouble trying to find something to keep their minds occupied. Whether you are interested in a Doberman, or a Poodle, or a Corgi, or a Springer Spaniel do some breed research prior to adopting a new dog. Believe it, or not, most recognized dog breeds were developed for a specific purpose or job. Check out the AKC website for more information on dog breeds.