As many of you know by now, there was a major backyard breeder bust in South Carolina over the weekend. 116 Dobermans were seized from a barn and enclosure on the property. This was a breeder that we have known in rescue for quite a long time to be a problem. We’ve had a number of his dogs in shelters as we often pull dogs from South Carolina, but no one had a clue just how many dogs were on his property.

We have refrained from saying anything until now because so much was still in flux, and we did not want to add to the misinformation that was running rampant on social network. We have heard A LOT of stories…some we know to be true, and some we know to be false, but we’re not going to get into that. We are going to stick purely to the rescue side of things, and the GDR side of things.

The situation was pure chaos. This poor shelter that had to take on these dogs with 4 employees and not nearly enough runs to house these dogs stayed at the shelter for over 48 hours straight. They have been harassed and bashed because they had local people foster these dogs, but the situation was dire for them and they had to do what they could to get the dogs to safety. To complicate things further, these dogs are now a part of an animal cruelty case which means that they cannot be adopted out. All we can do is simply hold and care for them while the court decides what to do and that could be months.

A total of 30 Dobermans have entered Doberman-specific rescues at this time. We would have all taken more if we could have, but the rescues here in Georgia have a limit to the number of dogs they are legally allowed to take according to their shelter license, and many of the Dobermans had been moved to fosters for the shelter before we could even get there. The nearest rescue Doberman was about 4 hours away.

These dogs are in really rough shape. They all have scars on their faces and on their bodies, many have demodex, suffer from malnutrition, skin infections, eye infections, and they all have one form of intestinal parasite or another. The unluckiest have leg and other injuries, cancer, and open wounds. Two have died since being rescued.

GDR has taken in 4 of the dogs at this time which puts us at our legal limit. 3 females and 1 male. We have let the shelter know that if any should come back from their fosters, to let us know and either we will take them or work with another Doberman rescue that can so we can get them to safety. The first 2 females are a younger blue girl named Caroline and an older black girl named Analee. They are sweet though overwhelmed and slowly settling into their foster home. The second two are a 4 or so year old black female named Stormy and a black male named Troy whom we named after his hero Troy Falco that drove him and Stormy all the way from Chester to the vet in Atlanta today. These two are incredibly shut down. They are terrified and refuse to walk. Their faces and legs are scarred, and their coats are a mess. They are luckily heartworm negative, but all need dental work. Some more seriously than others.

As our 4 settle in and we learn more about their personalities we will update everyone. Until then, donations for all of these guys would be appreciated. The total number of dogs that each rescue has from this situation at this time are as follows (but subject to change as time goes on):
Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue: 1
Doberman Underground: 10
Georgia Doberman Rescue: 4
Tennessee Doberman Rescue Plus: 15

You can click on any of the names above to be taken directly to that rescues donations page. All of the rescues will need donations towards the care of these dogs as they will NOT be cheap. So if you are able, please consider donating to one of the rescues listed. Any and all help is appreciated to help get these guys healthy and ready for their new lives.

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